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News and information from Heidi Lichterman, Textile artist.

Twilight on the Hudson

Private commission - The Refuge - Croton-on-Hudson - New York
Private commission – The Refuge – Croton-on-Hudson – New York

It is twilight and I’m sitting by the fire, looking out over the valley as the Hudson meanders through the snowy scene below. I’d flown over to New York and driven on to Croton on Hudson to spend a day or two fitting a private commission. Titled “Twilight on the Hudson”, it reflects the subtle colours and moods outside.

Painting the Fens

Painting Flooded Fen
Flooded Fen

Friends and visitors to my studio will have noticed my new abstract acrylic paintings of the Fens nearby. I want to show the feelings that this flat, often bleak landscape evoke. Wet, windy, dark in atmosphere with huge skies: the details of the hedges and who hides there, the lodes and who swims there, the fields and who gallops there. I’ll be exhibiting the paintings as well as my textile art wallhangings and scarves at this year’s Cambridge Open Studios.