Heidi Lichterman’s Ethos

My interest in landscape and nature have helped to create my style of weaving.

My wall hangings are designed to influence and to be influenced by the scale and positioning of their surroundings, and use abstract textures and patterns to create spatial relationships, drawing the viewer in.

I am interested in weaving as a problem-solving process. I often start with an underlying structural idea for a wall hanging, and then work out how it can happen as a woven piece.

Over the years my work, which is based on Ikat and dip-dyeing, has become more and more layered, with inlay and supplementary wefts. When I started adding inlays I found myself intrigued by images that overlapped – that were both under and on top of other images.

I use wire in my wallhangings, using it to extend the texture of the piece, and allowing three dimensional sculptural possibilities. Depending on the weight of the wire used and the amount that it is annealed, the piece will either crinkle or spring into a snake-like coil as with The Swirl; or it might just lie there waiting politely to be shaped.

To discuss commissioning a wall hanging or find out about other unique textile art, contact me, Heidi Lichterman, on +44 1223 811461 or e-mail info@heidilichterman.co.uk.